The College of Conscious Living is a Mind Body Education licensed training provider, offering the internationally, industry accredited Holistic Integrated Creative Arts Therapy training course, throughout Queensland, Australia.


Holistic Integrated Creative Arts Therapy training course

We have campuses at the following locations:
Brisbane (North side)
Brisbane (South side)
Gold Coast
Sunshine Coast


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Sanja Stojcic
College Principal

A word from Sanja

Hi and welcome to the college of conscious living!

I am honoured to be your teacher for the diploma of holistic integrative creative arts therapy (HICAT) course. As a qualified educator, naturopath and natural therapist, I have almost 20 years of hands on experience living and breathing a holistic and creative life style.

I discovered my own intuition and self awareness rather early through meditation and spiritual practises. As a teenager I’d write pages and pages of poetry, expressing my thoughts and feelings, journaling life events and exploring my creativity through arts and craft.

In my early 20’s I pursued an interest in nursing. I quickly came to see that wasn’t for me and I knew I wanted to be in a holistic environment to help people improve their health and well being.

My journey took me into a life of natural therapies and medicine. I became a qualified and successful naturopath, energetic healer, massage therapist and meditation & lifestyle coach.

I have worked with families, children and communities in healing emotional issues, encouraging self expression and educating individuals on self care.

My heart is truly joyous when others prosper, allowing them to move forward into their own truths; feeling more at peace with who they are.

The HICAT course is a unique and personal journey of self discovery, self connection, and a conscious shift in your awareness. All while you gain professional skills to become a creative holistic therapist.

The moment you register into this course, your journey begins! We will start a 6 month adventure designed to support, educate and qualify you in this new role. You will explore meditation, creativity, self expression, colour therapy, music, dance and so much more. I look forward to supporting you all the way.

With Love, Sanja


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